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Tuition is $795.00 per course for most classes. The PACE Review Course and PCC Review Course are $395.00.


If you choose to earn an advanced specialty certificate and there are three required courses in the sequence, the total tuition for the three courses is $2385.00.


You do not have to earn an advanced specialty certificate. If you just need one course, you may do so at the tuition price of $795.00 per course. Please note, we are willing to work with students to earn an advanced specialty certificate by mixing and matching courses that relate to various specialties. Contact the Director, Renee Sova for more information at


Book(s) must be purchased by the student. Book prices vary by vendor but most students purchase from on line book stores ( new and used) such as


If you have any questions about what books are required for what courses, after you register, please contact Renee Sova at

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