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Every day brings new challenges, whether personal or professional. You’re a busy person…always on the go…tackling one problem after another…and taking on new responsibilities.


Yet, getting ahead is important to you. And so is staying ahead…you want to be considered one of the best in the paralegal field.


API makes it easy to improve yourself and enhance your abilities. Our online advanced and specialty courses offer a way for you to stretch your mind, specialize in a particular area of the law, and make yourself more valuable to your employer.


Whether it’s mastering a subject to become more attractive to employers or staying abreast of the latest trends and developments in the paralegal field, you can pursue specialty certifications at API in popular areas of the law, such as:


  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Corporate Law

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Elder Law Certificate

  • Foreclosure and Debtor/Creditor Law Certificate

  • Real Estate Law


Our specialty certifications are designed to give you an edge in a competitive market—whether it’s advancing in your job, diversifying your career options, increasing your earning potential, obtaining a new position, or simply doing your current job more effectively.


A specialization or area of expertise will increase your choices for employment. You could still work in any of the basic paralegal roles, but with specialization, you will be more in demand among employers with particular needs.


If you are a credentialed paralegal (ie. you have your paralegal degree or certificate from a licensed or accredited paralegal program) or have paralegal experience, the Advanced and Specialty Certificate programs and courses are available to you. View Detailed Advanced Course Descriptions. For more information, contact renee.sova@advancedparalegalinstitute or call 678-777-9655.





  • Two credit courses: $795+ textbook


Additional courses available:


  • PACE Review Course: $395+ textbook

  • PCCE Review Course: $395+ textbook


*Tuition does not include book fees.  (Students purchase their books directly from the publisher or online vendor.  Renee Sova maintains a list for your convenience.)


Courses may be taken on an individual course basis, or combined to earn a Specialty Certificate. Courses do not have to be taken all at once to earn the Specialty Certificate.


Upcoming Session Start Dates​​

  • May 13

  • June 17

  • July 15

  • August 12

  • September 9

  • October 14

  • November 11

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