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Course Sequences


In order to receive an advanced specialty certificate, you must take a three or four course sequence as designated below.  Be sure to check with Renee Sova,  Director of Advanced Specialty Programs, prior to signing up for your specialty certificate. The courses are grouped according to their specialty certificate in the table below.  Course descriptions are detailed later.


Prerequisites, where noted, are common core courses in most paralegal certificate and degree programs.  The API course number is included for reference, but prerequisites do not need to be taken through the Institute if you are already a degreed or certificated paralegal.


The Institute offers Specialty Certificates in the following areas. Click a course’s number to view its description.


Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution


  1. Advanced Litigation (C-525)

  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution (C-530)

  3. Advanced Tort Law (C-535)

      (Prerequisites: Civil Litigation (A102) and Tort Law (A-101))


Corporate Law


  1. Business Law (B-202)

  2. Advanced Corporate Law (C-555)

  3. Intellectual Property Law (C-565)

  4. Contract Law (C-556)


Intellectual Property


  1. Intellectual Property Law (C-565)

  2. Copyright Law (C-566)

  3. Trademark Law (C-567)

  4. Patent Law (C-568)​


Elder Law Certificate  


1.  Estates and Trusts (C-570)

2.  Elder Law (C-580)

3.  Social Security, Medicare, and Government Pensions (C-575)

4.  Estate Planning (C-576)


Foreclosure and Debtor/Creditor Law Certificate


1.  Real Estate Law (A-105)

2.  Foreclosure Law (C-562)

3.  Debtor/Creditor Law (C-563)

4.  Bankruptcy Law (C-560)


Real Estate Law


1. Real Estate Law (A-105)

2. Contract Law (C-556)

3. Foreclosure Law (C-562)

Stand Alone Course


1. Legal Writing (C-301)

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