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Student Testimonials

"The course and instructor exceeded my expectations. Wendy is absolutely amazing! She carefully answered my (many) questions and made sure I understood the content. I felt comfortable asking her questions and the way she structured each unit was helpful. I look forward to taking the sample exam and I am convinced that this will give me further confidence on the day of the actual exam. Very pleased with the entire course, program, and instructor. "




"Our instructor, Wendy Fuller, is phenomenal. API is fortunate to have her on staff. Her thorough and solid understanding of the material is matched by her professionalism and her kindness. She is devoted to ensuring that her students are prepared to take the PCC exam and provides much needed support and encouragement."




"Hi there. Just wanted to say thank you for the set up. The way each unit is structured with the lecture, pre tests, and post tests is very helpful. There is SO MUCH content to go through and this feels "doable" with the way the class is organized. Much appreciated!

The language located in the E-Lecture helps me keep the main points organized in my head and will really help me once I am ready to take the exam."


With appreciation,


"Wendy, you have been a great teacher both informative and encouraging. I really appreciate it. It has made for an easy transition going back to school after 30 years. I am definitely going to continue with the certificate. My next class is Estates and Trusts. Hopefully, you are my teacher. Thank you again for your support."






"Wendy was AMAZING. Her correspondences, guidance, leadership, encouragement, and communication made this entire experience for me. The effort she put into her detailed and informative replies on my discussion questions simplified things and gave me more clarity on information than a lot of the reading did. THANK YOU WENDY!"



"I appreciate everything. I am grateful this review course was offered to help me better prepare to take the PCCE exam.  It was a pleasure going through this course and material with you. I appreciate you being willing to be a resource as I continue to study and register to take the exam which I plan on doing this week."



The PCCE review course was great! I learned more than I could have imagined. I feel proud to have completed the course. It is with great pleasure to tell you, after what felt like endless studying, I passed the PCCE exam! Thank you for everything. I am very grateful for this experience. I am excited for the new opportunities sitting on the





"I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time I spent with API. The certificates I've earned have been invaluable to my career and my growth and salary trajectory is clear evidence of that. The programs and responsiveness of the staff made it such an inviting and rewarding experience and environment and it remains one of the best decisions and investments I've ever made for myself. They will always hold a special place in my heart!"


- Emma

"I have worked as a patent paralegal for a chemical company in Germany for over 14 years. As I was trying to broaden my knowledge in international patent law, especially US law, I did some online research and came across the website of the Advanced Paralegal institute, especially the 4-course sequence to grant me a specialty certificate in Intellectual Property Law.  Being in contact with Renee first, she was able dispel my doubts about being able to follow the course as a German paralegal.  The material was very challenging for me especially at the start of the first course, but Wendy helped me in finding the right way to complete assignments and discussion questions.
The course material is up-to-date and relevant for the field of intellectual property and helps you understand the correlation between European, US and international Intellectual Property Law.

Wendy is a true professional and very knowledgeable in this field.  She is easily accessible and provides guidance on every level.  She was always very encouraging, reassuring and supportive but not shy to let you know what she is looking for in a response, i.e., whether more detail is needed or why your answer is incorrect. 

I absolutely enjoyed working with her.
Wishing you all the best.

- Tanja




"Thank you Wendy very much for your detailed email.  I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me to assist me and guide me in order to pass the PCCE exam. I previously took the exam and didn’t pass it prior to your on line study course.  I am happy to report after taking the API review course, I focused in and studied the areas you told me to focus in on and passed the exam over the weekend.  I very much appreciated your assistance and support!!!"






"I have worked as a bankruptcy paralegal for over fifteen years, for a bankruptcy judge, a Chapter 7 trustee and for counsel for debtors.  As I had been out of the field the past five years, I was interested in honing up skills and getting up to date on bankruptcy procedures and law once again.  I would highly recommend Advanced Paralegal Institute to anyone, whether you are interested in sharpening your knowledge of bankruptcy procedures or would like to gain knowledge to open your own field of endeavor.  The classes are well structured, the instructors are extremely competent, the lessons are challenging and the entire staff helpful and always ready to assist you.  The  time invested is well worth your efforts. "


Very sincerely, 




"I was a returning student, having previously taken the 7-week PACE Review Course a few years ago.  I have now successfully completed the 4-course sequence to grant me a specialty certificate in Elder Law.  My experience with API has been positive in every way.  API has a user-friendly online learning platform (Moodle) which makes keeping track and submitting assignments easy.  The course progression is flexible and I took some courses concurrently while others I completed one at a time.  Due to a family tragedy, I took a break and then picked up.  The staff was very supportive and responsive.  The instructor is exceptional and Wendy thoughtfully reviewed each assignment, providing relevant feedback in a timely manner.  Her guidance and insights were invaluable.  The course work was challenging, but broken down into doable segments.  I particularly appreciated the fact that assignments were often required to be submitted based upon the student's state laws, with supporting citations.  This made the gained knowledge applicable to the work environment of the student and not simply a "general" understanding.  Textbooks are current and a resource the student will undoubtedly refer back to throughout their career.  This certification program was all I hoped it to be and more.  It is an excellent supplement to the credentials I already possess and has been a building block for advancement."



"I recently completed the courses associated with the advanced specialty certificate in litigation.  I cannot say enough good things about the courses, course material and especially Wendy, the instructor. 


The three courses included Advanced Litigation, Dispute and Conflict Resolution and Advanced Torts.  All courses offered a well-rounded review of not only the basics of these fields but also in-depth study.  I especially liked the hypotheticals and the case summaries that were provided in the course books, which were really useful when answering assignment questions or submitting answers to discussion questions.


The course material is up-to-date and relevant for the legal field and will not only help you as you work litigation on your job but also in life – especially in respect to issues that involve legal topics.


Wendy is a true professional and very knowledgeable in this field.  She is easily accessible and provides guidance on every level.  She is also very encouraging but not shy to let you know what she is looking for in a response, i.e., whether more detail is needed or why your answer may not be accurate.  I truly enjoyed working with her and look forward to her continued role as I pursue study for the PACE exam."


- Regina

"The material and study tips you provided are very helpful. I do not have much experience with research however, I do work in the litigation field but only state court, no experience with FRCP. This course has helped tremendously to improve my knowledge of federal rules/procedure. I am grateful the course will remain open for 2 more months so that I can continue to review the material.

You have been a wonderful mentor and I really appreciate your kind words and constructive feedback.

P.S. I just wanted to share with you that I passed the PACE exam. Thanks again for all your help and feedback, I feel like the PACE review course was the catalyst for my success."

- Mary

"Thank you so much for your patience and support throughout the PCCE review course.  This was the best class I’ve taken so far, I really enjoyed it.  Also, I really appreciate how you took the time out of your day to analyze which areas I need to focus on and lift me up and encourage me. I will definitely go back in and redo some stuff so I can get more practice and I will keep you updated with how the exam goes, I plan to take it in Frankfurt once everything opens up and is safe again."


Rae’chell Young

"I took the Elder law specialist course through the Advanced Paralegal Institute. The program directors and staff are amazing, the curriculum covered exactly what I wanted, and my teacher throughout the courses (Wendy Fuller) was friendly, encouraging, and quick to respond to all my questions. Everyone is highly professional and eager to help you. If you are thinking about taking a course, I highly recommend API."


Crystal Dean, PP, ELS

"Hi Wendy,

Just checking back in to let you know I received official confirmation today that I passed the PACE exam earlier in March!  Thanks for the well-wishes and all the notes and help during the training class.  

I will certainly recommend your program to all my friends who decide to take the PACE exam!"




"Instead of attempting to take the National Federation of Paralegals Association PACE test with just reading the manual, I decided to pay for the Advanced Paralegal Institute’s 7-week intensive course to help me pass the test.  I am so very glad I chose to take the course. The course is laid out very efficiently.  The instructors do not have you start with the manual from Chapter 1 onward.  They have laid it out with an informative syllabus to print so you can look ahead and be informed as to what to expect, extra curricular areas of reading to help you with the test and the areas of law you are studying that week, assignments (short and discussion) and pre and post tests.


With all this, you receive an informative and positive instructor that is there for you on the spot.  If you have questions, or areas that you don’t understand, or you may disagree, the instructor in willing to work it out with you.  There is consistent and responsive assistance from the instructor.


I enjoyed the assignments.  I enjoy research and writing.  The tests are invaluable. I retested myself all the way to the day before the PACE test.  It was so helpful in preparing me how to read the questions thoroughly and give the BEST answer.  That is so helpful, because the instructor continuously reminds you to look for the BEST answer.  To anyone believing that the course is not necessary to take the PACE test because you have been a paralegal forever, take it from one who has been forever, the course is so very important.


Thanks to all of the instructors, especially mine, at the Advanced Paralegal Institute."


Mary Towle


"For paralegals who wish to specialize in IP Law, the Intellectual Property Specialty Certificate offered by Advanced Paralegal Institute is a must.  The course material is relevant and the assignments project-based to simulate on-the-job scenarios.  Instructor Wendy Fuller responded to questions in a timely manner and provided opportunities for thought-provoking discussion.  She offered helpful feedback that was insightful and applicable to day-to-day business activity.  The textbooks chosen to accompany the course materials continue to be excellent resources, as do the handouts and other supplemental sources API provides."


Robyn M. Metko
Client Representative
Legacy Private Trust Company
Neenah, WI

"Dear Mrs. Sova:

I found the Advanced Paralegal Institute certificate course in Elder Law to be exactly what I was looking for in the area I want to specialize in.  The four-course curriculum is fast paced, structured logically and covers a lot of information; each within five weeks time.

I thought Social Security, Medicare and Government Pensions would be “dry and daunting”, but it turned out to be my best grade of all four courses.  I would recommend it as a “definite must”, if only as an elective course; as everyone knows someone who is a senior citizen.

Through all four courses, Wendy Fuller was pleasantly personable in one-on-one discourse, immediately responsive to my submissions and e-mails, and most importantly, understanding and flexible in times of my frustrations.

I’m looking forward to taking another required course in the near future!"


Robert Truppe


I hope you’re doing well. I am happy to report that I took the PCCE exam today and passed with a score of 609. I wanted to thank you again for all of your help getting me prepared. Your exam tips were very helpful. I just remembered what you said: Take my time, skip questions I didn’t know the answer to and go back later, BEST possible answer strategy, and most importantly to relax. I can honestly say I did better than I thought. Most of the questions were presented and phrased differently from our quizzes and the exit exam. Needless to say I was very relieved when I saw my score. Thanks also for telling me what to expect when I arrived. It was just as you described. I made sure I ate before hand. Thanks again for everything. However, I do have a confession. I do not plan to open a paralegal textbook or study manual for at least a week.


Thanks so much again for all of your guidance."




"The 7 week Advanced Paralegal Institute (“API”) review course is a must for any paralegal wanting to sit for the Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam (“PACE”).  This course guides you towards the correct study path while offering pre and post unit tests and discussions.  The course is also taught by an actual paralegal that has experience in the field.  Loretta Nesbitt was my instruction during the January 2018 course.  Loretta was very responsive to my emails, posts, and assignments.  She offered advice on what areas I need to focus more on, which is paramount when preparing for the exam itself.  I am very satisfied with the API review course and am truly convinced that it was one of the main reasons why I passed the PACE."






Thank you so much for everything you have done and the encouragement along the way. I am very excited to re-enter the workforce. I will definitely keep you in the loop when I take the PCCE Exam. After that exam, I will start studying for the PACE Exam. I hope that you are an instructor in that study class."

Thank you again, 

Kellie Stubbs




I completed the course on October 8th and took the PACE Exam on November 20th.  The assignments, quizzes, final exam, and the analysis of my final  exam score and the insightful guidance provided by Loretta Nesbitt all came together in enabling me to pass the PACE Exam on my first try."


"Hi Renee,

It was pleasure working with Wendy Fuller my PCCE review course instructor.  She was extremely helpful and patient with me. This was my first online class and I really enjoyed it. What are the requirements for an advanced specialty certificate? What courses would I need to take?"


Cicero Love
Litigation Paralegal

"I am currently seeking to obtain my paralegal certification.  I reviewed many course offerings in terms of time and expense.  API’s course fit just what I needed to assess my knowledge base in preparation for the PCCE examination.  The review course was intense.  It covered all the subjects one would expect to see on the exam, as well as assignments in daily work.  The study material was excellent.   Each pre-test was very valuable in assessing my areas of strengths and weaknesses.  Post-tests  offered by API revealed the effectiveness of my comprehension of the study materials. 
The facilitators, and my API instructor Wendy Fuller, were very supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable.  Questions were answered promptly and meaningful feedback was provided as needed.  I highly recommend taking this review course to assess and sharpen your knowledge base in preparing for the PCCE exam.




"Hi Renee,
Thank you!  I would like you to know that Wendy Fuller is an excellent instructor and provided valuable feedback and guidance.  She played a key role in my success in the course.  I do plan to continue with API courses to earn the Corporate Law specialty certificate.  I’ll contact you as soon as I am ready."
Best regards,

"When I was searching for legal continuing education that would  supplement my career, I came across API’s classes. I have recently completed the Corporate Paralegal specialty, and I plan on taking the Intellectual Property specialty as well.

I am currently working as a Corporate Paralegal. I felt that by taking these classes I was exposed to subject matter that may have taken me years to learn on the job. My professor was very responsive and fostered a fun, engaging, and challenging atmosphere. I feel very satisfied with my investment as I now feel more confident negotiating contracts, can better maintain our corporate business, and better understand my corporation’s intellectual property. I look forward to taking my  second certification in the area of Intellectual Property Law in the near future.
Thank you,
Erin Melville
Advanced Specialty Certificate in Corporate law

"Dear Renee,


I want to say “thanks” to you, Loretta Nesbitt (my instructor), and the rest of the team at the Advanced Paralegal Institute for assisting me on my journey to becoming an RP. I could not have successfully taken the PACE exam without the review course and Loretta Nesbitt’s guidance. She was a wonderful mentor, and I always appreciated her quick response and feedback to my questions. Preliminary test results said that I was successful in achieving a pass rate on the PACE exam, however, I have not received my official score yet. I am anxiously waiting to receive the final results. The exam was definitely difficult, however, the PACE review course helped in preparing me with the overall knowledge and a basic foundation in the specific domains tested. Again, a huge “thank you” goes out to you and your team. This has been a wonderful educational experience, and I’m hopeful this will help guide me into my next paralegal job."


Kristen Ianni




"Thanks to the Advanced Paralegal Institute (API), I recently received the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Law, which was very desirable for me because I work in a corporate setting. While the requirements for this certification could have been completed in well under a year, the flexibility that API offers allowed me to take one course at a time over a rather long period, which was good because my employer only pays for one training opportunity a year. One of the features I liked best was the opportunity to take a course as a directed study –– one-on-one with the instructor. My instructor really pushed me hard to use my critical thinking skills –– very challenging, but rewarding as well. I heartily recommend this option to anyone who wants to get the maximum out of a course."


Patric Close Mills
Senior Contracts Manager
Educational Testing Service
Princeton, NJ 08541




"I looked around, and the Advanced Specialty Certificate Program in Intellectual Property Law offered by the Advanced Paralegal Institute immediately caught my attention. It stood out among others offered elsewhere as a comprehensive in-depth program of study with a thorough coverage of all key areas of IP Law, ongoing interaction with the instructors, discussion boards, helpful assignments, and engaging exercises. I was ecstatic. I found exactly what I had been looking for. I got started a few weeks later and enjoyed every minute of it. My absolute favorite was my interaction with the instructors, who kept challenging my intellectual curiosity, stretching my mind, and expanding my scope of reasoning. The program was instrumental in laying a solid foundation for my professional growth and career development I have been building upon. It equipped me with the tools and skills that enable me to thrive in my profession.


I now handle all of corporate IP matters and have been able to bring over 90% of all IP work in-house, resulting in tremendous cost-savings for the company. With an ever-growing importance of intellectual property for the commercial success and viability of any business, the demand for IP work is sure to increase. I fully recommend this program to anyone interested in IP and desiring to succeed in this field."


Olga Stansell
Intellectual Property Specialist
Rackspace US, Inc.





"Throughout my career, my experience has focused in litigation, from the private law firm to the governmental sector, civil as well as some criminal.   Regardless of your concentration, The Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam (PACE )covers a variety of areas of the law, and do not let your area of expertise discourage you from sitting for PACE.


After mentoring a co worker on becoming a paralegal and telling her that “you are never to old to go back to school and earn a degree” or in this case a professional designation, I decided to take my own advice and propel myself forward by sitting for the exam. I had been out of college approximately 10 years, and I believed that I needed to advance myself professionally. In addition, I am aware of the regulation issues involving our profession and wanted to be one step closer to being prepared if my state becomes regulated.


I enrolled in the Advanced Paralegal Institute’s (API)  PACE review course. This is a self-disciplined, online class and very labor-intensive,  and provided me with a schedule.  I was expected to read sections of the study manual, participate in online discussion topics, and take a short quiz on each section.  Some sections were longer than others. I devoted two to three hours a night, every other night and approximately one entire afternoon or night on weekends to study the material.  I enrolled in the January session and completed the course in approximately seven weeks.  I also contacted my local paralegal association and was told that there was one other paralegal taking the PACE Exam.  I did not participate in a study group, simply because there were not enough candidates.  After successfully completing the PACE review course, I continued to study for approximately one month after the conclusion of the class.  I utilized a combination of the review course materials, which helped me to assess my weak areas, supplemental materials, such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and my class assignments to review for the test. I encourage all paralegals sitting for PACE to take advantage of the API PACE review course and all the study materials offered.. It was very helpful and API does a wonderful job."


Christine Rekash
API PACE Student




"I have been enrolled in the Advanced Paralegal Institute’s  (API) Corporate Specialty Paralegal Program since October 2010, while simultaneously seeking a new, more advanced corporate paralegal position than the job I formerly held for the past three years.  Working hard at finding a new position is not easy in the job market these days – it’s almost like having another part-time job – I often spent 10 hours a week actively seeking, applying, working on my resume, etc., on top of a 40 hour work week.  Notice I said “the position I formerly held” because, yes, after 10 months of actively seeking a new position and going on four interviews – one of which even led to a second interview with a prominent law firm – I did obtain a new position as an in-house corporate paralegal at a large public company on the fourth interview.


Let me give some background on how I obtained the new position over a good deal of other candidates.  I originally obtained my paralegal certificate  approximately 22 years ago, and although I worked as a corporate paralegal and did some patent prosecution work for 13 of those 22 years, I stayed home with my children for about 10 years.  In order to return to the job market after staying home with my kids for so long, I had to take a more junior legal assistant position and accept the lower pay that goes along with that.  I knew I needed to update my paralegal education and skills to obtain the senior level corporate paralegal work I was doing many years ago.  I knew I was capable of the work and I wanted to increase my income, so that’s when I turned to API and their Advanced Corporate Paralegal Specialty Program.  API has been completely flexible with my busy work and home schedule, the work is challenging,  and relevant to today’s paralegal work.  In addition,  the books used are up to date  to include the changes in law, and the instructors have been great.  The course has not only sharpened my paralegal knowledge and skills,  but has also sharpened my brain!


I believe that because I am enrolled in an advanced specialty paralegal program, it has given me the edge over other candidates interviewed for my present position, even those with a paralegal certificate and a four-year college degree. I also believe that I was the right fit for the company  because employers know I am a committed corporate law paralegal, who has chosen this as a career and that within this field, I am further specialized.  Employers also know that to work full time and go to school in the evening (even online) takes serious commitment and self-discipline. They appreciate the extra effort, time and money spent into furthering  my career and specializing. I’m not even finished with the Advanced Corporate Law paralegal certificate, and I’ve already obtained a more senior position, a better position, in many ways, including earning twice as much as I did before!  Many thanks to API for offering these advanced paralegal courses and making them completely flexible to busy schedules!"


Tracye Boegner
Corporate Paralegal Specialist
Northern Virginia





"I cannot say enough great things about the classes and Faculty at the Advanced Paralegal Institute (APS). I have taken seminars, completed the Advanced Specialty Certificate for Intellectual Property, and I have one class left to complete the Advanced Specialty Certificate in Litigation. Way back in 1982, I received my basic paralegal certificate from Roosevelt University. I did a variety of things over the years, including estate planning, immigration, and real estate law. When I came to my current position, I began working in litigation and intellectual property, and I wanted to update my skills in those areas. Every APS class enriched my knowledge and increased my value to my employer. I plan to continue my education at APS and earn the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Law.


When I began with APS, I had never taken on-line classes, and I was a little apprehensive. But, these instructors are terrific! The class materials are well thought out and up-to-date. I love the individual attention and the flexibility APS offers. The courses are well worth the tuition. I am fortunate to have found APS!"


Marianne Troscinski
Law Department
Navistar, Inc.
Warrenville, IL.




"This was my second on-line course experience through API. I initially took the PACE preparation course in the summer and, thanks to API, I successfully passed the PACE exam in October! This gave me the added confidence in the quality of API, its instructors, and the entire on-line experience that I needed to make my decision to take the courses necessary to achieve an Advance Specialty Certificate in Intellectual Property. I found the Advanced Specialty IP program to be very challenging, yet it still balanced well with my busy schedule, family and full-time job. My instructors were very attentive, interactive and challenged me on a regular basis by asking me thought provoking follow-up questions on the weekly topics that we were discussing. I found the text to be especially well written and an excellent learning tool. API was also terrific in accommodating me when I was in an automobile accident and needed to pause my studies for a short period of time while I recovered. I highly recommend API to paralegals who are thinking about ways to advance their careers and/or broaden their education. I found it personally gratifying to have achieved this Advanced Specialty Certificate. I thank you and your instructors for making my on-line education experience a great success."


Virginia Weeks
Paralegal Coordinator
Duane Morris LLP (Boston Office)




"My husband moved to Oregon to start a new job. I was left behind in California to finish up on much needed CLE for my paralegal career in order to obtain a new paralegal position in OR. The only way I could do that was to attend school/seminars online only. However, I thought that I would kill two birds with one stone; instead of just doing seminars, I decided to take advanced specialty courses to enhance my basic paralegal certificate. I chose the Advanced Paralegal Institute (API) as they had quite a few specialty certificates to choose from.


I decided to start with the Advanced Civil Litigation and Advanced Corporate Law certificates. I completed each specialty certificate (three classes in one five-week period) back-to-back. I found the instructor to be invigorating in her teachings and therefore made my learning experience exciting and was able to keep up with the assignments, discussions, and homework, even though I was working full-time. Having online courses and being able to login when you have time, made it so much easier to complete the reading assignments, discussion questions, homework, and tests. While there was a lot of work to do, I was committed to completing each specialty certificate at once instead of taking one class at a time, as I did not have that kind of time to complete my CLE. Between the satisfaction of completing each course with straight As, and each certificate back-to-back, I have gained even more knowledge than when I first went to school to gain my paralegal certificate almost nine years ago. The Institute (API) is an excellent place to obtain your paralegal certificate and to supplement your certificate with a specialized certificate. The courses are solely online and the instructor(s) are readily available to help you, answer any questions, and are very supportive of your answers during discussions and your homework assignments. In my opinion, the learning curve is much higher than anywhere else as you walk away with more knowledge than usually obtained at a local or other on line school."


Amy L. Combs
Legal Assistant
Chielpegian Law Offices
Fig Garden Financial Center
5200 North Palm Ave, Suite 201
Fresno, CA 93704




"As an alumni of the American Institute for Paralegal Studies (AIPS), I knew how good the classes and the school itself were, so when I decided to take advanced courses in order to further my career, I knew who to go to. The Advanced Paralegal Institute (API) partners with AIPS and provides all their advanced specialty training.


The Advanced Corporate Law Program was incredibly challenging, but I enjoyed every minute of it. From the beginning, I was learning things that I could immediately use in my current position. The staff are amazing and were always flexible when I needed help. I highly recommend AIPS! In fact, I’m already thinking about earning the Advanced Specialty Certificate in the area of Intellectual Property Law."


Jennifer Story, NCCP
Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.
3200 Northline Ave.
Suite 300
Greensboro, NC 27408




"My experience start to finish…and on-going… with the Advanced Paralegal Institute has been excellent. In a world with NO Customer Service anymore, it has been a real pleasure to deal with competent, professional and personable individuals at every level. Having worked in the legal field since 1972 I thought that I knew it all, or at least as much as I needed to (I soon learned you can teach an old dog new tricks).In signing up for the PACE review course, I was intimidated by the on-line nature of the classes, annoyed at the prospect of needed to learn things I felt I would never use and a little bit afraid that technology would leave me in the dust. The course materials were laid out perfectly, the downloads were very useful, the instructor was positive, responsive and very clear and on point in all of her evaluations and corrections of homework assignments. I felt I was spoon fed materials in a fashion that allowed me to learn easily and forced me to do some necessary independent research to make myself more comfortable and familiar with new materials. I might add that I did learn several things that are relevant to my field and I was able to put them into use in my office.


Follow up on some questions I posed to the Advanced Paralegal Institute (after successfully passing PACE YAY!) was handled in the very same courteous and efficient manner. The helpful study hints brochure was terrific. I committed it to memory and it gave me great confidence. In short, I could not have done it without them. This company is highly thought of in the industry and everyone involved has excellent credentials. My passing score is dedicated to you. I welcome further inquiry because I really don’t think I can put into a short letter exactly how beneficial I think the services offered by the Advanced Paralegal Institute truly are."


Joanne Doherty
Legal Assistant
Casey D. Shomo, P.A.
Tuscany Centre, Suite 400
8845 North Military Trail
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410



"Dear Wendy,


Re: Legal Writing Course


Thank you for all the help and insight that you have provided throughout this course. I have  learned a lot and have really enjoyed the course. I appreciate all your positive comments especially because writing does not come easily to me.   I really have to work hard to get the result that I envision in the beginning of a project. I will continue to work on my writing in both legal and nonlegal contexts as I really do enjoy it.


You are a great teacher and It was a pleasure to do these courses under your wing. I am pleased with my grades knowing how hard I worked for them--very satisfying!"


All the best,


Kristen Gondim




"Good morning, Loretta:

I sat for the PACE exam this past Saturday and passed.  It was by far the most difficult exam I have sat for.  The feeling of achievement is enormous.  Thank you for your instruction.  It was helpful, especially in studying resources outside of the PACE Study Manual."


Karen Satterlee




"I just want to personally thank you ladies.  I just got “official” word that I passed the PCCE Exam.  While taking classes and trying to continue to be a productive employee, attentive mom, and doting wife is not easy, your program parameters  and your encouragement throughout, really helped push me through.  Thanks again!"


Danyel Dunn




"I took the PACE exam today and it looks like I passed it. I even asked the test site to make surethat the score does not change. So, I am really grateful for your great work as an instructor in the class. I don't think I could have passed without taking the class. The extra reading material really came in handy. Now I get to clean my messy house that I have neglected for such a long time. Thanks Again.


That class was the best thing I could do to prepare for the test. Loretta was awesome. Her feedback was so helpful. I am very grateful for passing."


Catherine Miller




"Hi Loretta!


I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your help during the course. I practiced online a few times and took the official test yesterday, my preliminary score says I passed!  It was much harder than I anticipated, I felt good going in and was quite nervous once I got started. My score wasn't SUPER (606 total score) - but it was passing, so I'm pleased! There is no way I would have passed if I had not taken the course - so thank you!  It was money well spent."






"Hi Loretta,


I am very happy to say that I took the test last Saturday, and the preliminary results indicated that I passed as well!  Without your course, I have no doubt that I would have seriously struggled with the exam.


Thank you!!!!!!"


"Hi Loretta,


Wanted to let you know that I passed the PACE on Saturday.  Quite a grueling exam.  Thank you for your encouragement and guidance during the review course.  I would not have passed the exam had I not taken the PACE review course.


Good luck with your next group of candidates.  I wish all of them much success!"




Noe Burkett

"Good Afternoon,


I have no problem admitting PACE was one of the hardest tests I've ever taken.  Even though I only signed up for your class on July 27th, I would never have passed the exam without the quizzes, final exam prep, and additional information contained in your site.  The book I had ordered prior would not have been enough to get me through the test.  I was done in 3 hours.  One hour to review my answers to make any changes....great idea, correct?  Well, I didn't even take that extra hour because some of the questions were so difficult that reviewing my answers would not have made a difference and so I clicked the "end" button and hoped for the best.  lol  I thought for sure I failed it so was pleasantly surprised when I saw the word "Congratulations!".


Thank you so much again.  I've no doubt if I had the time to take the entire course with you I would have received an even higher score.  Not only would I recommend this class to anyone entertaining taking PACE, I would absolutely say it's a must!"


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